The Misfit Farm

The Misfit Farm
San Antonio, TX
Pigs, Horses, Goats, livestock, Mixed

The Misfit Farm (501c3 nonprofit) was officially established in 2019. We initially rescued our first pig Maurice three years prior when he was just six weeks old. We were told me would be 25 pounds max. He reached 25 pounds and kept growing. And growing. And growing. We wouldn’t give up on him though and mom (Christie) made a promise that she would never get rid of him and would give him the best life possible. That’s exactly what she did. We bought a big property in Texas and initially decided to take one one more pig and a couple cats that needed a home. That one pig turned into two then three and never stopped. We also acquired longhorns, a dog and more cats. We help families who can no longer keep their beloved pets. We take the unwanted and the unloved. We take those who have no other chance and we give them the best life possible. We take those at the eleventh hour. We don’t give up on anyone here and our goal is to provide all of our animals with the healthiest, happiest lives possible. We really are misfits here but we are the happiest and most loving bunch. They say the upside of never fitting in is that you get to custom-make your life. That’s exactly what we have done and we have created a magical paradise.

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