Earn Cash

Need To Earn Some Cash for your
Rescue, Shelter, or Animal Related Group?

We Can Help!

Cartoon Animal Rescue T-Shirts

Attention Animal Shelters
and Rescue Groups!

Let us help you Gain Exposure for your Organization
AND help you Raise $$$

LaCroixTees will set you up a mini-website,
coded with YOUR Group’s Name…
and donate
FIVE DOLLARS for every
T-Shirt, Tank Top, Sweatshirt, or Hoodie
sold from this mini-site.

We do this FREE of charge…
Handle all orders and shipping…
And send you $$$ via Paypal or
the donation link on your website/FB Page.

We have THREE ways you can participate in our fundraising program…

1. For those without a logo, we can give you a mini-site selling our Animal Rescue Themed Shirts:

Example of FREE Generic Mini-Site here:


2. For those with a FULL-Color Logo,
we can give you a mini-site selling shirts with your logo,
on white and ash grey garments:

Example of FREE Custom Mini-Site here:


3. For those with a mostly Black and White Logo,
we can give you a mini-site selling shirts with your logo,
on multiple light colored shirts:

Example of FREE Custom Mini-Site here:


This is Simple, Hassle Free,
and Can be up and running FAST!

NO Investment!

NO Inventory To Deal With!

NO Getting Stuck with Too Many
of the Wrong Size Shirts in Stock!

No Shipping Hassles!

All your group has to do is sign-up… promote your special t-shirt link on Facebook, your Website, in Newsletters, etc… and receive proceeds from the shirt sales.


Want to start earning money for
YOUR Shelter/Rescue Group?
(Note: To be eligible to participate in our Fundaising program,
you must have an online donation link,
such as Paypal, on your website or FB page)

Sorry… USA Based Groups ONLY.

Drop us a line…

Please Include a Link to your Facebook Page, your website, and any other info regarding your organization.